Lighting Management

Public street lighting is, on it's majority decayed and outdated, with high wastes and spending of, and with, energy. Those can be perfectly improved, optimized, perfected and managed in a more efficient and smart way.

The SmartLi system was born with the purpose of delivering a management and control platform over lighting in a much more efficient and dynamic way. This way it can reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. SmartLi also has the ability to identify a potentially serious accident in a way many people lost their lives before or others simply damaged the street lighting poles, not taking place a fair indemnity of the poles themselves. SmartLi can, online, alert for these accidents to whoever it is destined to.

One of the many advantages with the installation of SmartLi is the detection invasive entry on the highway running opposite to the traffic or even after refueling on petrol stations. SmartLi can once more alert online for this dangerous decision that the driver made, to all the chosen entities (police, hospital, firemen, etc), this will allow them to arrive at the incident in a matter of minutes and act accordingly, protecting not only the driver's life as well as other people, saving lives.