About Us

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With more than 35 years of experience, the Tec IT Group was created to meet the highest standards in the technological market, following the constant evolution with new solutions.
Tec IT possesses know-how in the most diverse platforms and technological environments, looking with determination to assert itself and to conquer a new functional concept of excellence.
Commitment, quality, innovation, research and development are the core values of the group, demonstrated in the creation and development of each project.
Based in Porto, Tec IT Group evolves through its ability to adapt to new technologies, striving for the perfect balance between innovation, quality and design. Provided by a highly competent and professional multidisciplinary research and development team.
In order to respond to the various technological markets in which it operates, the Tec IT Group has created, over the years of its professional course, brands of recognized value in the market, such as LED+, JGDOMÓTICA and SmartLi.





Nexled develops new concepts of lighting, creating and changing traditional lighting equipment to Led technology. The company has a test laboratory for certification of "Electromagnetic Compatibility" (EMC) and "Electromagnetic interference" (EMI), with high technology equipment such as the Goniophotometer and Spectroradiometer, being able to carry out lighting studies for all types of lighting (led or conventional), as well as the spaces to be illuminated.



JGDomótica knows what is really valued in a habitation, so it develops and implements solutions based on the most modern technologies, never neglecting the safety, comfort and rationalization of energy resources, associating with the advanced techniques of architecture and engineering, the control of multiple installations, the unlimited use of communications and access to new forms of activity and leisure. JGDomótica was born 20 years ago, which gives it a solid and highly esteemed image, representing excellence in terms of service and quality. Our project is proud to be a pioneer in the implementation of intelligent systems in Portuguese homes.



SmartLi was born from the need of communication between different technologies, effectively managing all kinds of artificial lighting. The SmartLi system focuses primarily on security and crime rate reduction, communicating through the wireless system and detecting several situations. With SmartLi you can optimize and manage street light, detect major accidents and invasive entrances on motorways. This system also offers financial and ecological advantages, aiming the reduction of energy consumption and the reduction of the ecological footprint.